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The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd For a book with so much praise it has left me a bit disappointed. I did love the book while I was reading it and it engaged me throughly, it wasn't until I stopped and thought about it that I saw it's greatest flaws.

Lily is well written and her voice as the main character is compelling and suited to this book and her story.

While the metaphors were sometimes a bit out there, I liked the writing in general.

The biggest problem I had with it was how everyone else was written. For most of the book, those characters are black women whose lives take a turn and revolve around Lily after she turns up. While that makes sense if you're living with a 14 year old girl, it's very strange and doesn't let them breath and be themselves.

I found the resolution to be laughable, and I don't think May's illness was very realistic, but I did like her.

In short, I wouldn't reread, I already know being a racist is bad and being a woman is great.

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